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Ron Adler, president of the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education, similarly criticized the site, saying "attacking" charters is the equivalent to trying to limit a family's choices for the education of their children.

"It's regrettable that anti-school choice groups and teacher union bosses expend so much time trying to undermine Ohio's 400 public charter schools while they remain absolutely silent about the massive data-rigging scandals in several state school districts and ignore the struggles of the many urban districts that those teachers union bosses support," he said.

"The basis of their criticism always deals with funding - never about what is best for children. Tens of thousands of parents have made informed decisions that charter schools can provide a better educational opportunity for their children."

“Transportation is probably the second or third largest issue for all public schools,” said Ron Adler, president of the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education, a school choice and charter advocate. “It’s a problem not only for charters but it’s a problem for districts. In our view, whatever it is today, it’s going to be worse next year because of the cost of fuel, because of the state funding.” 

The Ohio Coalition for Quality Education said it supports the legislative proposal as introduced. "We absolutely believe there should be a clear policy and standards for all public schools regarding the issue of physical restraints and seclusion," OCQE President Ron Adler said. "In this instance where children, their safety are involved, we believe there should be one policy."

Ron Adler, head of the pro-charter Ohio Coalition for Quality Education, also would like to see more predictability provided in the final version. Under Kasich's plan, students would take varying amounts with them to charter schools based on the characteristics of their home districts as well as their own special needs."This plan has a totally new structure with so many moving parts," Adler said. " For charter schools in urban areas, the biggest concern has been how do you budget with every child carrying different amounts of funding."

Ron Adler, president of the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education, which represents charter schools, said Saturday that he remains opposed to the concept of the Transformation Alliance. He said he was not involved in discussions with the mayor's office on the proposed changes. "The authority over schools and sponsors should rest with the state capitol and the Ohio Department of Education, not a group hand-picked by the mayor," he said. "We believe the group would be highly politicized." He said it would add "another layer of the same kind of bureaucracy that has crippled the school system."

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