The Ohio Coalition for Quality Education is the leading grassroots advocate for Ohio charter schools. Our mission is to support and encourage efforts to improve educational opportunities for children in Ohio. We further believe that parents and families should be ‘empowered’ to choose the school that best meets the needs of their children.


An active advocacy network that involves parents, teachers, board members and students working to build positive relationships with legislators and the media provides the single best opportunity to protect access to quality charter schools.


The most important ingredient for successful advocacy is personal commitment. Your efforts to understand charter school issues and communicate your personal stories can make a significant impact on maintaining educational options for your children.


How can parents help support their children’s school?

Parents are in a unique position to explain to policymakers and the local media ‘why you chose to enroll your child in a charter school’.  We can teach you how to reach out to legislators in your district and who to contact at your local newspaper, radio and TV stations.


Can a few parents working together really make a difference?

Yes, parents can have a significant impact, particularly when you work together with other schools to create a parent network.


Does writing letters and sending a few emails really help?

Yes, but e-mails and letters are just part of what you can do. Work to create a relationship with public officials in your community. The most effective advocates understand that “it’s all about relationships.”


How can you organize a parent advocacy committee?

We suggest that a parent advocacy committee should have at least 3-5 members. (If possible, include both parent and school employees working together.)  Advocacy committees can be an extension of school parent-teacher association.  Members of the advocacy committee should have access to the Internet to communicate with the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education.


What sort of things can parent committee members do?

  • We can help you create an advocacy plan for your school.

  • Coordinate legislative contacts and school visits.

  • Recruit volunteers to contact legislators and media on an ongoing basis.

  • Invite legislators to visit your school and be included in student activities.

  • Send stories to your local newspapers and TV stations about school events.


Start today:  If you have questions call Ron Adler at 937.239.7969 or email:



How to Advocate for Charter Schools

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